Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Copycat-Geronimo Balloons & tassels

For Asher's first birthday, I knew I wanted to use the big round 36" balloons like the ones I used for Riley's birthday.  But only now, I wanted to add more pizzazz and found Geronimo Balloons. I couldn't afford those balloons on my budget so I decided to be a copy cat and make them on my own.

Photo Booth area. Photograph by Elise Souza Photography
There are a lot of tutorials on how to make balloon tassels. Tassels are in!!! But I decided to make them another way because I had to make a lot and I wasn't about to cut each individual tissue and roll and attach. So how did I make them?

First, I ordered tissue paper that were already folded in half and measured 20" X 15". I trimmed the stack to 12" x 20" so I could place them in my paper cutter.

I trimmed the entire stack to 1/2" strips. Then, I wrapped the elastic cord around the tops of the 1/2" strip bundle. I took the other end of the cord and wrapped another stack of 1/2" strip of tissue.

I tied these bundles to the ballon cord and fluffed the tassels to make them look more full.

I achieved the look I was going for and saved me some time. Let me know what you think?

{Project Details}
Tissue paper
Elastic string

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