Monday, March 30, 2015

Asher's First Birthday Party

The party was a success. I'm really happy with how everything came together. But most importantly, we were able to share that day with some special people! Thanks to Elise Souza for capturing all the special moments.

Life Arts Center in Riverside, CA

Doljabi Table

3d diamond ornaments

Tasteful Cakes

Centerpiece for each table. I placed these cards for the kids and (big kids) to keep them entertained.

See how he's grown banner in front of the mocktail bar. We served your traditional sodas, lemonade, and korean sweet rice drink. But the hit of the day was "The Asher", a special mocktail in honor of the birthday boy.

The proud grandparents.

Traditional Korean food.

Part one of our entertainment was to see what Asher would choose. As you can see, we have a future athlete on our hands!

I had him try again without the ball just to see what he would choose but he went back to the empty space where the ball should have been!

Part two of the entertainment was traditional Korean dances and drums. We wanted our guests to see a little of Korean culture. In the past, this type of entertainment was only performed for royalty so it was definitely a treat for all generations.

Loved that he was really into the entertainment. 

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