Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Gifts MDS Style

Every year, I am asked to make party favors for my husband's group holiday party. I love it because its my way of contributing to an amazing group of doctors and friends.
front sheet (two months per sheet with cutting guides)
what it looks like on the back of the sheet
This year, I was short on time but still wanted a handmade gift. I turned to My Digital Studio to create 2012 Jewel Case Calendars. I have had these CD like cases FOR--EVER!!! I just never made the calendars until now and what better way than to take advantage of the modern prints and colors from Stampin' Up!'s template. Just design the calendars, print, cut to size, and insert to jewel cases.

Its customized with reminders for their monthly meetings and annual Holiday Party for next year. I love this project because the recipients will find it useful, its digitally homemade, and is a one of a kind gift! Its simple, clean, and modern.

Another calendar gift that we (my sisters-in-law and I) made for the grandparents were pictures of the kids and highlighting each grandchild for his/her respective birthday month.
front page

It was fun and I hope you'll try and test your own magic with digital crafting.

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