Friday, December 9, 2011

Creative Souls Holiday Party

It was a fun night for our Creative Souls, my creative Stamp Ink Divas group. We decided to get together in honor of Christmas. It was really nice to see everyone (minus a few members).
We worked on the Christmas Keepsake Card Box as our project that evening.
But we needed some delicious snacks, so I baked some cookies and then stamped them while still hot with our sweet pressed cookie stamps. When you order the cookie stamps, they come with some great recipes, but because I was short on time (and a bit of laziness), I went with frozen cookies. I think the stamp still worked fine but if you do use frozen cookies, remember to press them after they are finished cooking to get the best images and then let them cool.
Then, we gorged ourselves on appetizers that evening. But one treat I had to share was one that Stephanie Gaines made.
Cake pops! But check out how she decorated the container! Isn't it just beautiful? You can visit her here for more details.

Finally, we had our gift exchange and here are what some of them made.

Creative, creative, creative! 

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