Saturday, January 22, 2011

Leadership at Gaylord Opryland

I was excited about this year's Leadership Conference. It was bringing me back home to the south (TN, but I grew up in GA) and to SNOW!!! It was beautiful, but I did not step outside of my hotel the whole time I was there. Gaylord Opryland was like a little city within a city. Cascading waterfalls, great little shops, delicious restaurants to eat at, and wonderful people to interact with.

I traveled by myself there and speaking with my mother, she was telling me, "Lisa, remember not to bring strangers into your room. Don't go into an elevator with another man by yourself." And I said,  "Mother, do you remember how old I am?" LOL. Gotta love her! 

Well, I was careful and didn't bring strangers into my room or get into elevators with men (there were over 1000 women for this leadership) but it felt like one big slumber party! Crafter's heaven!

First night in, I had dinner with some wonderful women from Late Night Stampers. Here's a picture of them. Amazing (and FUN) women!!

Starting from left and go clockwise: Vicki, Denise, Nola, Carol, Carol, Kristy, Tammy, Pam (you can't see her in the picture), Donna's daughter-can't remember her name, Donna, Isis, Denise, and Laura.

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